Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Early Spring: Weed Attack!

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By Eve Sapsford, Bookkeeper, Nitrogreen

An Early Spring: Weed Attack!

The warm weather came upon us early this year, which was great for all of the wonderful outdoor activities we enjoy here in Florida, but it also brought the opportunity for weeds to develop early and vigorously.

According to Bob Hartzler and Mike Owens of Iowa State University, the early warm weather felt nationwide “may create additional weed challenges this spring.”  Clinton Woods, owner of Nitrogreen, agrees. “If the weeds are left to their own devices, they can spread rapidly in these favorable conditions, quickly developing into weed patches in your lawn,” he said.

Judicious and consistent application of weed control chemicals, along with pre-emergents, to reduce the weeds, while at the same time applying the correct fertilization for your grass type, and using consistent irrigation practices to enable the fertilizer to do its job, all combine to keep weeds at bay and allow your lawn to look lush and green. 

At Nitrogreen, our comprehensive lawn care program targets the challenges presented by weeds, and we monitor conditions carefully, adjusting our mix of chemicals to reflect current weather and insect conditions, while simultaneously monitoring our clients’ irrigation systems to ensure correct watering practices, optimizing their lawns, and creating a verdant and beautiful frame that showcases your home.             

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